Michigan: Upper Peninsula


Thu, Apr 19: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)

Forestville Real Grooming Report: Today Andy groomed the skate lanes on the Noque’ and Animoosh to and around the pine plantation. The classic tracks from Tuesday’s Bombi run are still in great shape. Skiers will find mid season conditions on the Noque’ and Animoosh.

Saux Head: No report today.

Fit Strip: No report today.

Big Bay Pathway: No report today.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: When things are going well I always tell myself, this too shall not last. It makes it much easier to remember that is also true when the snow is hard pan, the weather is bitter, my hip flexor is yelling at me and my wax is slow. Skiing can’t last forever when the days are in the 50s under full sun. However, the next three days look to be spectacular. Overnight freezing temperatures, warm day time temperatures, light air and full sun will no doubt put a hurt on aerosol cheese sales. I keep looking for a day to quote T.S. Eliot but April has not even been close to cruel this year and I am reminded: The most important thing for poets to do is to write as little as possible.


Wed, Apr 18: Valley Spur (Munising)

Considering 14" inches of fresh snow Sunday and Monday, classic was phenomenal this morning, solid, deep tracks with great kick and glide. Then switched to skates. Deck was still firming up but well groomed. By the time we got off the trails at 12:30 it was softening enough to know it will transform tonight and deck will be firm and blazing fast tomorrow without any ice. Looks to be an incredible weekend of late April skiing this weekend. Snow Flea Hoppet?

- Gregory Roll

Tue, Apr 17: Valley Spur (Munising)

Valley Spur has gotten a ton of snow over the past 3 days that has been groomed in daily with the lions share of it being last nights 8 inches of fluff. Groomed A,B,C,D,X,W and the first loop on G this morning. Will work on getting all other loops open tomorrow(Wednesday) Things are looking very good weather wise through the weekend so if your into some great late Spring skiing come here. We have snow!

- dan rabine

Sun, Apr 15: Swedetown (Calumet)

Grooming commenced around 10:00 this morning (Sunday, April 15); we are waiting for enough snow accumulation so that we can till and track the system.

- Swedetown

Sun, Apr 15: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)

Forestville Real Grooming Report: We are keeping our powder dry so as to clean up the trails after the forecast storm today. Early morning skiers will find nice skiing due to Bob’s groom out to the pine plantation.

Saux Head: Groomed and track set last Friday.
Fit Strip: The Fit Strip is groomed as time permits.
Big Bay Pathway: Groomed last Wednesday.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: NOAA is still forecasting heavy snow today, tonight and tomorrow. I have been talking up their prognostication skills all week so they had better not let me down now. As I looked out the window in the pre-dawn hours my face must have looked as a kid that found out Christmas had been postponed. I was so sure it would be white out and a white out that looking out the window was just a formality. We rarely think about the dog that didn’t bark or the storm that didn’t come but they all can play a significant roll whether we know it or not. If the storm hadn’t hit (or if King Philip II had read his mid-August grooming reports in 1588) Spain may not have lost the armada and concurred England. So, I still think we did the right thing postponing the season ending party but one never knows the full effect of our actions and the vagaries of weather.