Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Mon, Feb 19: Birkebeiner Trail (Cable to Hayward, WI)

The BIRKIE TRAIL CLOSED AT 11:59 pm TODAY. Snow has started falling and we will start working on the trail early Tuesday to get the new snow to firm up in time for the events. THERE WILL STILL BE LOCATIONS WHERE YOU CAN SKI this week. Here is where you CAN ski by day this week:

Tuesday: OO loops, Birkie Ridge, competition loops at the Birkie start area, Hatchery Creek loops

Wednesday: OO loops, Birkie Ridge, competition loops at the Birkie start area, Hatchery Creek loops

Thursday: Birkie Ridge, Hatchery Creek loops

Friday: Birkie Ridge

Saturday: Birkie Ridge

Sunday: Entire Birkie Trail will be OPEN

- Birkie Groomers

Mon, Feb 19: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)

The Vasa trail is still holding up, but warm-up (40F @ 12:30) is starting to take its toll. Skied Special K & Nipple with Paula H Dreeszen, then 25k & JackPine back to Timber Ridge, where the trail is turning to gray ice. The last powerline was a puddle so took off my Twin Skins there. As usual, the best snow was on the 25k loop & JackPine. Need a rest after 56 ski days, but still hoping for more snow soon, or I'll head to Stokely, U.P, CO, or ??? to find some in March.

- Sara Cockrell

Mon, Feb 19: Valley Spur (Munising)

Trail conditions continue to be excellent at Valley Spur. Classic tracks are firm and the skate decks are solid and get freshened daily.

- dan rabine

Mon, Feb 19: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

What a great weekend of skiing! Our trails held up beautifully, with some skate skiers even saying that conditions were the best they’ve been all season. Groomer Mike snow combed the trails early this morning, so the skiing this morning will be really nice on the Rolling Hills, Trappers Cabin, Wild Turkey, Mackinaw Cut, and Adventure trails. The Tall Pines, Blizzard and Manitou trails are closed due to ice and bare spots. The practice area are open with fair to very good conditions as well. Ski early today before the weather shifts!

Today’s Stone Turtle Cafe lunch special is the Gourmet Chili Bar! Your choice of Classic or Veggie Chili, plus an assortment of delicious toppings. Try a homemade cornbread muffin and real butter with your chili and feel like a whole new person!

Get outside and enjoy the snow this morning!

- Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Fran, Matt, Kelsey, Alex, Dodge, Kim, Missy, Annie J., Annie B., Denny, Erin, Mike, Dana, Butch, Brian and the crew