Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Thu, Apr 19: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

Crust skating on Manitou trail this morning before 10:30 was stupendous.

- Ernie Brumbaugh

Thu, Apr 19: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

The trails are still in very good to excellent shape. Groomer Bob is snow combing the skating lanes this morning on all trails, and the classic tracks set a couple days ago are still in great condition. With the warmer afternoon temps, we are seeing some thin spots start to appear in the usual places, but overall the trails are grooming up very well to day and there is still lots of coverage for good skis. The best skiing will be in the mornings from here on out, before the temp gets above freezing during the day.

Bob and Lynne will be at the shop today from 10am until 4pm. Come on in and shop the sale, demo some skis, and enjoy this fabulous spring skiing!

- Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Fran & crew

Thu, Apr 19: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)

Forestville Real Grooming Report: Today Andy groomed the skate lanes on the Noque’ and Animoosh to and around the pine plantation. The classic tracks from Tuesday’s Bombi run are still in great shape. Skiers will find mid season conditions on the Noque’ and Animoosh.

Saux Head: No report today.

Fit Strip: No report today.

Big Bay Pathway: No report today.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: When things are going well I always tell myself, this too shall not last. It makes it much easier to remember that is also true when the snow is hard pan, the weather is bitter, my hip flexor is yelling at me and my wax is slow. Skiing can’t last forever when the days are in the 50s under full sun. However, the next three days look to be spectacular. Overnight freezing temperatures, warm day time temperatures, light air and full sun will no doubt put a hurt on aerosol cheese sales. I keep looking for a day to quote T.S. Eliot but April has not even been close to cruel this year and I am reminded: The most important thing for poets to do is to write as little as possible.


Thu, Apr 19: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Bonus Ski Weekend #3 - don't miss out!!! This is now the 3rd weekend in April we will be skiing at The Corner. We want to share our excitement by offering discounted trail fees - 1 day for $10 or 2 days for $15.

Feel free to bring a beverage (or two) and maybe an appetizer or whatever and hang out with us Saturday on the deck. The apres-ski will take place when it gets too soft to ski.

- Forbush Corner