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RESULTS: Kendrick and Ross win White Pine Stampede

Sat, Feb  10, 2018 - By Mike Muha

[Sorry - a little late getting these results out...]

One thing about the White Pine Stampede: They will have a race no matter what! Snow drought and warm temperatures stole the snow over most of the traditional course, and the 50k event had to be eliminated, but snow on the Schuss Mountain golf course plus a little new snow at the last moment let the race carry on. Great Job, Shanty Creek Resorts! You've been doing a great job with the trails these past two or three years!

A pair of Minnesota skiers, in a close finish, stole the show in the Men's 20k event, and the University of Michigan Nordic Ski Club showed up in force in the 20km classic. 

2018 White Pine Stampede 20km Winners

Race Director Jack McKaig with 20k Classic and Freestyle winners; Tay Tantavirun, Abby Potts, Thomas Kendrick, and Jordyn Ross.

20km Freestyle

Tony Percha reported, "Cold but firm snow, about 14F with falling snow. The course was gently rolling with a series of five hills that become more difficult with each of the 4 laps". Doug Cornell said, "It did not feel flat - Lots of false flats, actually." There were three dirty road crossing each lap.

White Pine Stampede course for 2018

2018 White Pine Stampede Course: Four laps around a loop at Schuss Mountain

2018 White Pine Stampede vertical profile


  1. Jordyn Ross (Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team), 1:14:57
  2. Rebecca Davis (Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop), 1:15:27
  3. Sarah Daniels, 1:15:08


  1. Thomas Kendrick (Minnesota), 1:02:51
  2. David Joda (Minnesota), 1:02:52
  3. Sam Holmes (Vasa Ski Club), 1:03:17

20km Classic


  1. Abby Potts (UofM Nordic), 1:33:21
  2. Ellie Callison (UofM Nordic), 1:47:13
  3. Jennifer Brown (Vasa Ski Club), 1:48:53


  1. Thanasarn Tantivirun (UofM Nordic), 1:21:11
  2. Dave Borton (Cross Country Ski Headquarters), 1:23:31
  3. Daniel Novak, Vasa Ski Club), 1:28:22

10km Freestyle


  1. Jim Harrington (Straits Striders), 49:45
  2. Nick Astle, 53:03
  3. Kenny Rogers, 1:02:50


  1. Gabrielle Zacks, 1:10:10
  2. Kayla Decker, 1:11:09
  3. Linda Matt, 1:12:51

10km Classic


  1. Ted Roe (Vasa Ski Club), 34:55
  2. Gavin Dyer, 39:25
  3. Carter Thelen (Vasa Ski Club), 39:42


  1. Kelly Klettner (Vasa Ski Club), 40:13
  2. Gabby Armstrong, 40:52
  3. Gwendolyn Urbain, 48:57