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NordicSkiRacer long rollerski - UPDATED!

9:00 AM
West Boat Launch, Kensington Metropark, Milford, MI

We've moved the long ski to Saturday mornings. If it's raining, we may ski in the rain or postpone to Sunday morning.

Join Team NordicSkiRacer and friends for a long rollerski every Saturday morning at 9:00 am. "Long" is up to you - we generally do an out-and back rollerski, with options, so you can ski as long or as short as you have time or energy. The experienced members of the Team will be doing 18+ miles. The group will naturally break up into faster and slower skiers.

Take the Kensington Road exit (I-96 exit 151) and park in the West Boat Launch parking lot. A park pass is required: A day permit is $10. The annual permit is $35 ($24 for age 62+). Permits are good at ALL Metroparks.

We roll at 9:00 am SHARP!

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